Water And Teachers For Zambia (Completed) Project

We are working to help bring a sustainable running water source to the Chipakata Children’s Academy in Zambia! In collaboration with 14+ Foundation, who is developing the project including all design and construction efforts of the school complex, we hope to bring the best possible educational re...

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100% of donations go to those in need.

We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing sustainable aid to a hurting world. Thanks to a group of private donors that cover administrative costs, 100% of public donations go directly to those is need. Get to know us »

Mission and Vision

Mission: Aiding a World in Need.

We provide humanitarian aid to people and communities in need around the world. We strongly believe in collaboration & partnerships and operate our organization with that at the forefront of our efforts. We also believe that communities receiving aid should play a major role in defining it! Our solutions must be long-term, focused, and sustainable.


World Aid Now was created in response to the tragic floods that ravaged Pakistan in the summer of 2010. While our first two years focused on disaster relief, we have expanded the scope of our efforts to include general humanitarian aid with a focus on education, clean drinking water, and economically sustainable solutions.

Who We Are

World Aid Now is comprised of passionate people that want to make a tangible difference in the world. One does not need to have a title or offical role with World Aid Now to be a part of it. Anyone who supports us, tells a friend, RTs, etc. is part of the movement!